I am one of the few artists who paints watercolors on  fabric. I developed a way to make them permanent so that they can be washed. Unlike other art quilts my quilts are mostly painted on a single piece of fabric. My technique allows me to paint on fabric just like you would on paper. This is not a dying process but a draw and paint technique.  Since developing this technique I have traveled from Seattle to Texas teaching many students  how to paint on fabric. Many of my students are new artists and I help them find their inspiration to create and then use this watercolor process.

I feel truly blessed to have discovered this outlet for my artistic talent. My hope is that by creating this website I will be able to share my passion and inspire others. Visit my blog (Karen’s Corner) to see my current projects or read helpful post from other artists. I have traveled all over to inspire my students and am always thrilled when I here “I never thought I could create like this.”